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Seeking Interested Carers

young Carer ReadingLoddon Healthy Minds Network in collaboration with Bendigo Community Health Services is producing a short video resource intended to provide greater understanding and insight into the role of carers who support people with mental illness in the community.

The video resource will be used predominantly online as well as relevant forums and information sessions in encouraging conversations and reflection on the role of a carer including the importance of self-care for people undertaking this role.

As part of the video production we are looking to interview several carers to gain their perspective on the following questions:


What being a carer for a person with a mental illness is or means to me?

  • The importance of self-care for people in carer roles.
  • In what ways do you as a carer look after yourself?
  • The importance of carers having access to a support network in maintaining their own health and wellbeing.

If you are currently, or have been a carer for a person with a mental illness and would be interested in contributing to this project by being interviewed around the above questions, please contact Carer Support Worker Peter Cole on 5454 7722.

Please note that recipients of care associated with carers do not need to be identified for the purposes of producing this video resource.

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